The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

After Galveston Island, we headed to Double Bayou County Park near the town of Anahuac so that we could visit Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge.

We first visited the refuge's visitor's center which is some distance from the refuge.  They have a nice nature trail through a cypress swamp to the edge of Lake Anahuac.

We saw a number of turtles sunning themselves.

At the Anahuac harbor we found these Brown Pelicans just resting.

When we got to the Anahuac NWR, we were told about a male Vermillion Flycatcher that had been posing for photographs.

Common Moorhens

Snowy Egrets

We found a few White-fronted Geese.

A Great Blue Heron flying off

And a Lesser Yellowlegs

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  1. Hi, guys! Art, your photos are fantastic, as always. But it's all birds! How about some of you guys enjoying the sights? Barbara, are you keeping a second "travelogue" blog? We're having fun following your trip, so keep it up. -- Jon & Loni