The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Newfoundland - Part 8

One of our favorite Newfoundland experiences during our 2008 visit was the boat tour on Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park, so we visited it again this trip.  Western Brook Pond is a lake that fills a glacier carved valley.  After the last ice age, Western Brook Pond was a fjord connected to the ocean, but rising of the land eventually cut it off from the sea.  Getting to the tour boat at the lake requires a hike along a 3 kilometer (nearly 2 mile) trail.  This is a fairly easy trail of mostly packed gravel and sections of boardwalk.

Looking toward the valley from the start of the trail

A portion of the trail bordered by buttercup wildflowers

Sections of boardwalk cross wet areas

Looking across a large pond midway along the trail

There were lots of wild irises in bloom

Dwarf Dogwood

Dragon's Mouth (a member of the orchid family)

A pitcher plant with a blossom

The fresh evergreen growth was very noticeable.

Finally near the lake end of the trail

Our tour boat at the boat dock

Starting into the valley

The upper end of the lake and our turn around point

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Newfoundland - Part 7

While spending a couple of nights in Lewisporte, we drove out to Twillingate to see some of the icebergs that were being reported in that area.

The Long Point Lighthouse on Crow Head

The view from near the lighthouse

Icebergs in the waters near Twillingate

Newfoundland - Part 6

We spent a couple of nights in Terra Nova National Park in eastern Newfoundland.

On a walk along the shore we spotted this juvenile Little Blue Heron.

We've also been seeing a fair number of wildflowers.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Newfoundland - Part 5

After visiting Cape St. Mary's, we traveled up the east side of Newfoundland to the Bonavista Peninsula.  Near the town of Elliston is one of the best land based places to view Atlantic Puffins.

The town of Elliston bills itself as the "Root Cellar Capital of the World".  Before electricity, these were built into hillsides as a place to store produce without freezing in winter and spoiling in summer.

One of the many root cellars we spotted

An iceberg seen near the puffin viewing area

The puffin viewing site is at the end of a point off of which is a small island separated from the point by only a few yards of water.

We also drove around part of the Bonavista Peninsula to take in the scenery and look for icebergs.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Newfoundland - Part 4

After leaving the St. John's area, we drove across the Avalon Peninsula to the Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve.  This reserve has a huge number of nesting Northern Gannets and other sea birds during the summer.  A one kilometer trail leads to an overlook of a nearby sea stack called Bird Rock, the top of which was covered by pairs of nesting gannets.

Fog is very common at the reserve and when we started on the trail to the viewing overlook, it was pretty foggy.

The top of Bird Rock surrounded by fog

Greeting ritual for a pair of gannets

Gannet procreation


While we were at the observation overlook, the fog started to clear, allowing us to see further and more clearly.

Lots of murres swimming below

Northern Gannets in flight

The viewing overlook

Bird Rock area from the access trail