The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mineral Photography - Part 2

More mineral specimens.

Doubly terminated quartz crystals (Herkimer Diamonds)

Purple Fluorite crystals with white Barite "puffball"

"Icy" blue Fluorite crystals

Amber Fluorite crystals

Light pink Fluorite crystals

Purple Fluorite crystals on Celestite

Intergrown Pyrite cubes

Intergrown Galena cubes with truncated corners

Acicular Malachite crystals

Amazonite crystals with smoky quartz

Bladelike Gypsum crystals (var. Selenite)

Gypsum (var. Selenite) "roses"

Mineral Photography - Part 1

Recently, I've been taking photographs of some mineral specimens.  Below are some of the prettier specimens.

Celestite crystals

Benitoite crystals (California state gemstone)

Beryl crystal (var. Heliodor)

Beryl crystal (var. Emerald)

Beryls crystals (var. Aquamarine) on Muscovite mica

Calcite crystals

Wulfenite crystals

Calcite crystals (twinned and doubly terminated)

Malachite stalactite formation

Kyanite crystals

Sulphur crystals

Quartz crystals (var. Amethyst)

New Neighbors

This summer we've had a couple of doe, each with two fawns, spending a lot of time munching on the vegetation  in the yards around our neighborhood.  One doe and her fawns have spent a lot of time hanging out in our back yard.

Pruning the rose bushes

Trimming the grass

Just hanging out in the back yard