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The Dragon Wagon
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Flowers 2013

Today we made one of our springtime drives up to Figueroa Mountain to check on the status of the local wildflowers.  Because it has been a pretty dry winter, not a lot of wildflowers are expected.  But we had a fairly decent show of flowers during today's drive.

Mariposa Lily (Calchortus catalinie)

Bluedick (Dichelostemma capitatum)

Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja affinis)

Scarlet Bugler (Penstemon centranthifolius)

Globe Gilia (Gilia capitata)

Purple Nightshade (Solanum xanti)

Variable Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas chalcedona)

Bush Poppy (Dendromecon rigida)

California Buttercup (Ranunculus californicus)

Tidy Tips (Layia platyglossa)

Tidy Tips and Goldfields (Lasthenia californica)


Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora)

California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

Hillside covered in Poppies and Lupines

Wallflower (Erysimum capitatum)

Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum)

Pacific Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer)

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