The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Windmills and Burial Monuments

One of the places that was recommended for us to visit was the Swedish island of Öland.  This is Sweden's second largest island, and is close enough to the mainland to be connected by a bridge.  Öland is famous for all of its old windmills, most dating to the 19th century.  Öland also has many viking related sites, including many stone monuments that were erected over graves.

We also found some flowers and insects.

A little fancier styled windmill.

Most of the windmills were "center post" windmills that were built around a vertical central shaft and could be turned to face into the wind.

At one of our campgrounds on the island we found a variety of wildlife.

That neck is sure flexible!

Swallows are very hard to photograph in flight.

This old stone bridge dates from medieval times.

Viking age grave monuments and the dry-stacked stone walls common on the island.

A viking grave with a viking ship shaped outline of stones.

Colorful collection of lichens.

Windmills AND stone monuments.

More flora.

The old and the new (in the background).

"Whatcha doing up on that burial mound?"

Small, medium and large?

A rune stone.  these were memorial stones with Norse runic writing carved  into them.

A few more flowers.

Another rune stone.

Ruins of fortress at Borgholm on Öland .

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mostly Puffins

One of the birds we had really hoped to see was the Atlantic Puffin.  Finally near the end of our Svalbard trip we were able to visit a colony of these colorful birds.

A Barnacle Goose.

A few more Beluga Whales.

Svalbard Wildlife - Part 5

June 10th started out with more fantastic scenery.

More polar bear tracks.

Somebody must have been resting here.

Another walrus on the ice.

Minke Whale.

Beluga Whales.

Eider Ducks.


Just more scenery.

Interesting patterns in newly frozen ice.

Polar bear on the hunt.

Gull reflections.