The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Sunday, May 7, 2017


After Williamsburg we spent a day visiting Jefferson's home at Monticello.  Since no photography was allowed in the main home, the only images I have are from the garden areas and the separate kitchen.

Looking toward the east entrance of the house while waiting for our tour group to gather.  Note the wind vane above the house.

Jefferson was found of inventions and technology.  The wind vane has a shaft which turns this indicator on the ceiling of the east portico.  He could check the wind direction without going out into the rain.

The west entrance (pictured on US nickels)

Jefferson's had developed a taste for French Cuisine while he was a Minister to France.  He brought back many household goods, including items for his kitchen.  At Monticello he establish a very advanced kitchen for the times.

This  is an eight position "stew stove".  Each position could have the fire managed at the proper temperature for whatever was being cooked there.

This is a "spit jack".  This was an automated mechanism for turning a roasting spit in the fireplace.

Jefferson was very interested in horticulture and planted a wide variety of trees, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Colonial Williamsburg - Part 5

Powder magazine

Weaver's shop

Colonial Williamsburg - Part 4

Cabinetmaker shop

Foot treadle wood turning lathe

Brickmaker with raw clay

Molded bricks drying

The bricks are stacked into a kiln for firing

Another Williamsburg home


Gunsmith shop

"Thomas Jefferson"

Jefferson with his "laptop"

Colonial Williamsburg - Part 3

Tinsmith shop

Padlock in the blacksmith shop

Typical Colonial Williamsburg homes

Williamsburg Capitol Building


Silversmith shop

Printer inking the press

Colonial Williamsburg - Part 2

Fence constructed with no fasteners

Vegetable garden

Cooper's shop

Dining room in the Wythe House

Governor's Mansion

Just a fraction of the many weapons displayed in the Governor's Mansion

Governor's office