The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Newfoundland - Part 1

Once we crossed from Maine into Canada, we headed directly to North Sydney, Nova Scotia, for the ferry to Newfoundland.   We wanted to be in Newfoundland while icebergs were plentiful along its northern and eastern coasts. Our plan is to spend much more time exploring New Brunswick and Nova Scotia after returning from Newfoundland.  After taking the ferry to Channel-Port Aux Basques in Newfoundland, we spent 3 nights at Grand Codroy RV Park to explore some of the south-west portions of the island.

Cape Anguille Lighthouse

Rose Blanche Lighthouse
This lighthouse was constructed in 1873 using locally quarried granite.  After falling into ruin, restoration began in 1966 and the restored lighthouse reopened in 1999.

A view of the coastline from the lighthouse

The harbor and town of Rose Blanche

On our return trip we stopped to view Barachois Falls.

Along the trail to the falls, we saw lots of pitcher plants.

Nearby we found some Cottongrass.

Along the road we found this colorful old tugboat pulled up onto the beach.

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