The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Newfoundland - Part 9

We spent several days in northeastern Newfoundland.  One of the reasons was to revisit the only documented Norse settlement in North America, discovered at L'Anse aux Meadows.  Following clues in the Vinland Sagas, Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad began searching along the coast of North America for evidence of a Viking settlement.  In 1960, he discovered the site at L'Anse aux Meadows which was then excavated by his archeologist wife Anne Stine Ingstad.  The settlement was estimated to date to about 1000 AD.

Overlooking the L'Anse aux Meadows site

Current view of one of the settlement houses as it would have appeared when found by Helge Ingstad (covered after excavations)

A Parks Canada reconstruction of one of the sod houses

The original "pegboard"?

The finding of this bronze cloak pin was the definitive proof that it was a Norse site.

This stone spindle whorl and bone needle were strong evidence that women were also present.

A living history re-enactor hand spinning wool using a stone spindle whorl

A special demonstration of the smelting of bog iron ore by living history artisans

Sculpture above visitor's center

Detail from a large bronze sculpture named Meeting of Two Worlds

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