The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Antarctic Adventure - Day 19

November 25 was to be our last day exploring around the Antarctic Peninsula.  We started in the morning by heading to Neko Harbor for our last chance to set foot on the Antarctic continent.  In the afternoon we sailed through Dallmann Bay and headed into the Drake Passage to sail back to Ushuaia, Argentina.

On the way to Neko Harbor, the ship sailed by more of the magnificent Antarctic scenery.

At Neko Harbor we visited a Gentoo Penguin colony.  The penguin's nesting area was still mostly covered by snow, with fresh snow falling while we visited.

A little penguin singing

A little penguin courtship

And even some penguin mating

About midday, the ship started sailing north through Dallmann Bay and then into the Drake Passage to start our return to South America.  We sailed past some absolutely marvelous scenery.

A few Humpback Whales

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