The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chief Engineer's Tour

We were told by our good friend Bob to ask for a tour by the chief engineer.  We asked about such a tour soon after we were on board.  They took our names and were told that such tours depended on the chief engineer's available time.  We finally got an invitation for a tour and promptly accepted.

The chief engineer at the control panel.

They were well equipped with tools, including a metal lathe.

This ship is powered by two BIG 12 cylinder, turbo-charged, diesel engines.

This is the trash and recycling storage room.  Since disposal at Longyearbyen city in Svalbard is prohibitively expensive, they have to store solid trash and recycling until they return to the mainland.  This was just the beginning of their summer around Svalbard.
They have to do laundry for the crew, naturalists, guests, restaurant and housekeeping, so they keep several machines very busy.

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