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The Dragon Wagon
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mount Vernon

One of our top places to visit during our Washington D.C. visit was George Washington's home of Mount Vernon.  With all the focus on other aspects of his life, it is easy to forget that he was fundamentally a wealthy aristocratic farmer.

The west side of the mansion

The east side of the mansion faces the Potomac River.

This water pump was a good reminder that running water is a modern luxury.

This coach is like the one Washington used for travel for official business.  Washington is often pictured riding a horse, but travel was usually done by coach.

For getting around on country lanes, two-wheeled "riding chairs" were preferred to the larger and heavier four wheel coaches.  Two wheeled carts were also taxed less than the four wheeled coaches.

Spinning and weaving equipment

Washington had a fancy greenhouse for exotic plants.

As was customary at that time, running a large plantation relied on slave labor.  This is a picture of the male slave dormitory.

Washington's burial crypt

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  1. I finally located your blog in the folder where I'd so carefully filed it. Love the photos, identifying captions, and your commentary. You have a gift for capturing flora and fauna that amazes me. I am determined that I'll get you back to Charleston again so I can show you our favorite sites. I can't believe that we just missed each other there. Looking forward to our rendezvous in a few weeks!