The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Antarctic Adventure - Day 5 Afternoon

After spending the morning at New Island in the Falkland Islands, the ship moved on to visit Carcass Island.

Our excursion on Carcass Island started with hikes of various lengths.  I opted for a photography stroll.

The ship at anchor

Another Johnny Rook (Striated Caracara)

A pair of Upland Geese on the beach

A female Kelp Goose

A pair of Kelp Geese

Another female Kelp Goose

A couple of Magellanic Penguins

The island is owned by the McGill family.  This is a view of their farm.

The McGills provided us with a wonderful afternoon tea.  The table was absolutely covered with a fabulous assortment of cookies and cakes.

This Johnny Rook may have been looking for leftovers.

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