The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

On to Wrangell

After several days in the Ketchikan area it was time to take the ferry to our next stop, Wrangell.

Just leaving the Ketchikan ferry dock.

It was fun to view the "camp" of the longer duration travelers that did not book cabins on the ferry.

Yet another use for duct tape is to fasten the tents to the deck.

The view from the ferry is pretty spectacular.

These two crows almost look as if they are wearing black fur capes.

This immature Bald Eagle was wanting to get some of what another eagle was eating on a branch below.

After spending the first two nights at a city operated RV park at Shoemaker Bay, we moved to a National Forest Service campsite at Nemo Point several miles south of Wrangell.  Not a bad spot for free camping!

Below the campsites was a large tree with a Bald Eagle nest.  The nest was pretty much level with the campsites and maybe 50 yards away.

The dwarf dogwood was blooming.

During a drive to the other side of Wrangell Island I shot this panorama looking to the east.

A typical mountain stream scene.

One day we visited Petroglyph Beach in Wrangell, which has a large concentration of petroglyphs made by early native people.

Nearby was a shipwrecked boat.

And a sunset to end this post.

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