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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Buffalo Bill Museums

One of the primary reasons we spent some time in the Cody, Wyoming area was to visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  This is a complex of five museums which cover Buffalo Bill Cody, the Plains Indians, local natural history, western art and historic firearms.

Museum entrance

The entrance to the Buffalo Bill Cody museum had a neat display.  A machine was blowing a sheet of vapor (probably dry ice vapor) out at the entrance.  A video of someone portraying Buffalo Bill welcoming visitors was projected onto the vapor.  People would often walk right through this display.

A rare surviving poster from Cody's Wild West Show in London

Cody was involved in many different financial enterprises (many did not do well).  This printing press was one that Cody owned and eventually brought to the town of Cody.

The Museum of the Plains Indians had a lot of information about their lives around the 1800s.

Commemoration of the Battle of the Little Bighorn (aka Custer's Last Stand)

The natural history museum had some very nicely done mounted animal displays.

The ram on the left has been at this a little too long!

The Cody Firearms Museum has a very extensive (overwhelming) collection of historic firearms covering most of their history.

This sculpture in the Western Art Museum was interesting.  It was first constructed from pieces of driftwood, then a mold was taken of the sculpture and finally cast in bronze.

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