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The Dragon Wagon
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tiffin Motorhomes 2016 Models

By the time our Solvang home had sold,  Tiffin Motorhomes had stopped accepting orders for the 2015 year models.  But information about the changes done to the 2016 model year were very scarce.  Since we were now ready to order, but wanted to be certain of what we would get, we decided we needed to drop into the factory in Red Bay, Alabama, and get current information.

For 2016, Tiffin had dropped two of the interior schemes that had been available in 2015.  But all we could learn about the new schemes were some online images of a board of fabric swatches.  Seeing a swatch and not knowing what it was used for did not really give us any idea of what a finished motorhome would look like.  Our primary objective for this visit was to find Tiffin Allegro Bus motorhomes that had been built with the new interior schemes.

One of the new interiors was called "Shimmer".  This one did not appeal to us.  This is an image of the counter and backsplash in the kitchen area.

The interior called "Bamboo" was still available for 2016, and this is what we decided to choose.

At the main plant in Red Bay, there are always several motorhomes near completion.  Most of these can be entered and looked over.

The Tiffin painting facility is a few miles away near Belmont, Mississippi.  Here we could walk past a number of freshly painted motorhomes to help us decide on a paint scheme.

It's fun watching the bare chassis being driven around the factory grounds.


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