The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Building a Motorhome - Day 2

The next time we saw our motorhome chassis, it had changed quite a bit.  A steel framework had been welded into place to define the basement area and to support the floor of the coach.  Some other major components had already been installed.  Below are a few images to show the progress during this day.

The chassis after it had been worked on by the welding shop and ready to enter the main production plant.

Engine electronics and starting batteries

Our 900AH house battery bank

Our hydronic heating system for on-demand hot water and coach heating.

Our central vacuum system

Flooring added to basement storage bays

Lining added to basement bays

Fresh water and black and grey waste tanks


  1. Are the house batteries lithium?

    1. Even though LiFePo batteries are very tempting, they are too "bleeding edge" for me to deal with. The batteries we're getting are LifeLine GPL-6CT 300AH deep-cycle 6V batteries.