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The Dragon Wagon
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Antelope Reservoir, Super Moon and Dead Batteries

Our last night in Nevada was spent in a very remote part of north western Nevada at a small lake named Antelope Reservoir.  There is a very small primitive campground (free) at the edge of the lake.

Our camping spot

Got a couple of cool reflection shots of birds flying near the water.

We also happened to be there the night of the "Super Moon" full moon.

The next morning when we went to leave, we found that the LD headlights had been left on all night and the engine battery was completely dead.  "No problem" I thought, I'd just unhook the Jeep, pull it around and jump start the LD.  WRONG!!!  When hooked up, there is a charge line running from the LD to the Jeep.  Since we didn't unhook the Jeep when we stopped, the charge line became a discharge line that allowed both batteries to get discharged.  Thanks to the LD's battery isolator, the coach batteries were fine and the generator could be started.  I finally resorted to using my jumper cables to jumper together the LD's engine and coach  batteries at the battery isolator.  With the generator running, we left the batteries jumpered for about 1/2 hour to get some charge back into the engine battery.  This provided enough power to start the LD engine.  With the LD running, I now turned the LD around and pulled it up to the dead Jeep and was able to jump start the Jeep.  We were very glad when we finally drove out of the campground.  It might be time to buy one of those portable jump start packs.

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  1. Ah, RVing is an adventure. Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly. We are just finishing our Canadian bus tour with Mom. We'll be back on the road Tuesday in the rig. Safe travels. Great pics, Art! -- Jon & Loni