The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Wildflowers - Part IX

After leaving the Death Valley area, we headed west on California Highway 58.  This route would take us back past the northern end of the Carrizo Plains and past other areas known for spring wildflowers.

As Highway 58 climbed up over the Temblor Range, we again found hillsides painted with color.

White Tidy Tips
(Layia glandulosa)

Purple Nightshade
(Solanum xanti)

We took a quick drive back into the northern end of the Carrizo Plain to see what had changed during the week since we had last been there.

We found Fields filled with Tidy Tips.

And fields that were just palettes of different colors.

One flower that we had not seen during our earlier visit was Recurved Larkspur or Byron Larkspur.
(Delphinium recurvatum)

We also stopped at the intersection of Highway 58 and Shell Creek Road.  This is a another well known location for spring wildflowers.
This image contains Tidy Tips, Owl's Clover and Goldfields.

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