The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

San Juan Mountains

For quite a few years we have wanted to get back on the Jeep roads of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado.  From June 28th to the 30th we were able to spend a short time near Silverton, Colorado.

Our camp spot along Mineral Creek west of Silverton

Columbine flowers

We decided to re-visit the Buffalo Boy Mine near Stony Pass

This is the top cable tram station where ore from the mine was sent in buckets down the mountain to the mill.

Remnants of the tracks where ore carts from the mine brought ore to the tram

The area where tram buckets were loaded with ore

A couple of GPS screen shots to show the elevation and location

From the mine we drove over to Stony Pass for lunch.
The Rio Grande headwaters start on the east side of this pass.

A marmot near Stony Pass

A few of the wildflowers seen near the pass

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