The Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Quicksilver Ranch

Just a couple of miles from our house is a little ranch named Quicksilver Ranch.  Quicksilver Ranch is famous for the miniature horses that they breed and raise.  They allow people to come and visit during the day.  Although we frequently drive by, we don't often stop.  Since we had friends visiting recently, we made it a point to go and spend a little time visiting the horses.  Late spring and early summer is when most of the colts are born.  When born the colts are only as large as mid-sized dogs.  Even full grown, the adults are probably only about three feet high at the shoulders (about 1/2 that of typical full sized horses).

This colt is only about 18" high!

The colts are very playful.  Besides frequently running around the pasture, this colt was also playing with this large "ball".

They also seem to spend a lot of time flopped down sleeping on the grass.

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