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The Dragon Wagon
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Figueroa Mountain - 31-March-2016

We had been reading some encouraging wildflower reports about one of favorite spring wildflower localities, Figueroa Mountain in Santa Barbara County, California.  Since our travels had taken us back to this area, we were determined to see what the El Nino rains this season had produced.  Our first visit was on March 31st. 

Driving out along Figueroa Mountain Road, there was quite a lot of wild mustard in the fields and hillsides.

As we approached the mountains, we could see the spectacular patches of California Poppies that cover parts of the mountains this year.

This open slope locally called "Grass Mountain" was particularly impressive.

Along the road we saw a variety of different wildflowers.

Johnny Jump-up

Chinese houses

Hummingbird sage


Bush poppies and bush lupines

There were a lot more Mariposa Lilies than most years.

But the real stars this year were all the California Poppies.

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